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Sunday, September 26, 2010

dota map 6.68c collided

sesape yg tercari2 map hack dota 6.68c collided tuh.
aku akan share kat sini .neyh web tok download

info pasal 6.68c collided ~

What is this collided map all about? This modifier map DotA Allstars, which slightly changes the graphical part of the map, which gives the player a few small advantages. The patch is compatible with the original card (that is, you can play with those players who have this patch is not). All the changes the patch will be visible only to you. Features: (Same as 6.67c pro-mode collided map+some more) - Simplified terrain and trees for improved vision and resource management - Tower attack range circle drawn - Shadowfiend's nuke range is drawn - When -ah is activated, a built in maphack is activated (without -ah, this map does not have maphack) - Improved model/color for various heroes (easier to click, completely negates blur) Additions and changelogs: - Removed the display of characters in the fashion-ah; - Textures design replaced by transparent; - The textures of the landscape changed to gray and dark gray; - Removed most of the vegetation; - Model trees are replaced by "columns"; - Added range-range destruction of towers; - Added pointer fire towers; - Modified model Mortred (now it is more visible under Blur); - Modified model Nevermore (added pointers to Coille (Shadowraze)); - Added pointers for skill Spectre , Ezalor and others; - Under the in-game minimap added daily hours (yellow - the day, blue - the night, red - - artificial night (skills of the moon, balanara)); - Changed display cooldown skills.


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